FireStream's data centre colocation offerings are defined by:



Colocation hosting is available in the following locations:


Rack Space Cost IP Allocation Internet Service Contract Term
2U R2000p/m* /29 100Mbps 12 months
4U R3500p/m* /29 100Mbps 12 months
6U R4500p/m* /29 100Mbps 12 months
10U R6000p/m* /29 100Mbps 12 months
21U (Half Rack) R10000p/m* /29 100Mbps 12 months
41U (Full Rack) R20000p/m* /29 100Mbps 12 months

* All services include a free 1Gbps or 10Gbps port to NAP Africa (clients require their own autonomous system number (ASN) for this service)

* a R2500 setup fee applies to all services

* Pricing is ex VAT

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